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MCA Chiropractic Assistant Renewal Course


January 01, 2021
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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MCA Presents:

 10 Hour Continuing Education Virtual Seminar For Chiropractic Assistants

This valuable seminar is held online and on-demand, 24/7 via the Best Practices Academy online learning system!

This virtual 10 hour Chiropractic Assistant Renewal course is unlike other training programs for key personnel within the chiropractic practice.  This program gives staff firsthand knowledge in compliance, understanding patient safety measures including training on air borne pathogens (i.e. COVID-19 disease prevention), as well as privacy and security of personal health information. Proper coding, billing, and other operational tasks essential to the performance of the practice is covered. Staff becomes knowledgeable in all aspects of the practice so the doctor can focus on taking care of patients.   

Documentation: HIPAA Compliance Through EHR Systems (19 minutes: 11 seconds)
Documentation: History and Examination (28 minutes: 42 seconds)
Documentation: Informed Consent (17 minutes: 31 seconds)
Documentation: Clinical Decision Making, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan (51 minutes: 9 seconds)
Documentation: Subsequent Visits (29 minutes: 29 seconds)
Medicare Documentation Demonstrating a Subluxation (10 minutes: 11 seconds)
Documentation: Medicare Procedure Codes and Modifiers (50 minutes: 14 seconds)
Documentation: CPT Coding (23 minutes: 36 seconds)
Documentation: Common Billing Errors (17 minutes: 26 seconds)Documentation: Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (63 minutes: 58 seconds)
Documentation: Compliance Program Requirements (14 minutes: 49 seconds)
Documentation: Applying HIPAA Safeguards to Protect PHI (23 minutes: 25 seconds) 
CDC Guidelines and OSHA Standards (34 minutes: 21 seconds)
CDC Guidelines and OSHA Standards Continued (36 minutes: 30 seconds)
Common Clinical Errors (32 minutes: 39 seconds)
Red Flags, Yellow Flags, Comorbidities, and Risk Factors (49 minutes: 41 seconds)


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