Reasons You Should Support The MCA

Individual Benefits

  1. Members can call and speak to the MCA lawyer, Marc Cohen for up to 15 minutes on any legal issue at no cost. He has been representing chiropractors for many years and understands our issues and needs.

  2. Members can ask the MCA any billing or insurance question and we will get them an answer.

  3. The MCA will keep members informed about issues that they may not be aware of that may impact their ability to practice. We E-mail alerts that are urgent and send members our quarterly journal for less pressing information.

  4. We provide more than enough seminars for our members to satisfy the requirement for continuing education each cycle.

  5. We provide a CA certification program for your new assistants and will soon make our program available online.

  6. If a member does something the Board of Examiners decides to review or judge, and we feel it will impact our members, we may appear or send a position statement for the Board to consider.


Group Benefits

The MCA is the only organization looking out for the interests of chiropractors in Maryland.

  1. The MCA has a team of professional lobbyists who speak to legislators on our behalf. With our legislative committee, they read every proposed piece of legislation including those introduced by the insurance, medical, physical therapy, massage therapy and athletic trainer organizations. These groups regularly try to change the law in an attempt to eliminate our right to practice or bill for services, while allowing them to do things that would adversely affect our practices. When that happens, we must lobby to oppose the change or it will pass and become law.

  2. We attend regular legislator functions including fundraisers, lunches, breakfasts and meetings to support legislator’s needs. This is how we create long-term relationships that can be called upon when we need one of our bills to pass or when we need to defeat a bill we oppose.

  3. We meet on a frequent basis with the Maryland Insurance Commissioner, representatives from Care First, AMI, Medicare and a host of insurance carriers. We present our complaints, voice our concerns and work with them in the interest of our members.

  4. We search the nation for available speakers and programs to bring to Maryland for continuing education. Without our efforts these speakers would not come to our state.

  5. We attend meetings of the Board of Examiners to speak on behalf of our members. We let them know how each decision they consider will impact the profession and our ability to serve the public.

  6. We go to great lengths to submit a qualified list of candidates for vacant Board of Examiners positions. Our work helps to assure that only the best candidates are chosen to make decisions about the profession or sit in judgment of our members.