East Coast Associations' Independent Providers Network


We are often asked why a payor would contract with SecureCare rather than some other chiropractic management company who promises to save them money. We’d like to tell you why payors ARE making that decision and choosing to work with SecureCare instead of other groups right now. The answer is that SecureCare helps payors achieve their “Triple Aim”, charges them nothing, and helps improve the relationships between payors and providers. It’s that simple.

How does this happen? SecureCare reduces the payor’s administrative costs by providing network management services for them, reduces their health plan expenditures by reducing gross overutilization, charges the insurance payor nothing and functions in a provider friendly manner that does not disturb the vast majority of providers or their clinical decision making process. SecureCare promotes healthy relationships between providers and payors rather than distrust, lawsuits and complaints to the State about their chosen management company.

As a result, SecureCare has not only managed to keep every payor contract they have ever had, but they are currently going through a rapid growth phase. SecureCare is exploring partnerships with some very large regional health plans all across the country and engaging in conversations with even larger companies at the national level. The newest addition to the SecureCare family is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. On October 1, SecureCare will become the exclusive provider of chiropractic services for this Blues plan which will have a positive impact on the lives of 1,600 chiropractors in Minnesota.

On the East Coast SecureCare is staying very busy working with a large group of payors. We began introducing SecureCare to our East Coast payors in August 2015. There are 31 companies that we were asked to approach regarding chiropractic network management. In less than a year we have had meetings with 18 of them and we now have meetings scheduled with 4 more. Several of them are working through the opportunity analysis process right now. The payors are quickly learning that our network management model is very unique and beneficial to all parties involved.

But, this process takes time. It can take a great deal of time. Each step along the way can take months to complete. Your patience and continued support through this marketing process is going to help make a world of difference for all of the providers in our region. You can stay up to date on the latest developments through a variety of channels. Watch for SecureCare’s quarterly email newsletter sent to participating providers and watch your State Associations newsletters for our latest updates.

Lastly, if you have insurance contact information or any other information that you would like to discuss regarding our marketing efforts, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.

Yours in good health,

Eric Osterberg DC - Director of Business Development - SecureCare East Coast

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Update: East Coast Associations' Independent Providers Network
Don't Wait - Learn the Benefits!

The time has now arrived. Over the last four years, your state association leadership has been hard at work building the appropriate infrastructure for YOUR CHIROPRACTIC STATE ASSOCIATION-OWNED Independent Provider Network – the East Coast Associations’ Independent Providers Network (ECA-IPN). The ECA-IPN is a partnership owned by the Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania Chiropractic Associations.

The “why” behind this initiative was, and still is, very clear: we can only demonstrate our collective value to the healthcare system at large, and be rewarded for that value, by uniting to build our independent network.

We’ve done obsessive due diligence, we’ve created the legal entities, and we’ve researched all the various players in the market to determine the best organizations to partner with to build our network.

So, we are very excited to announce that SecureCare, the originators of the most successful chiropractic association-owned IPN in the country, will be our network partner/manager! In addition, Infinedi will be our electronic claims clearinghouse! This is a huge step in the right direction. We now have the know-how and support to build an outstanding association-owned, chiropractor-managed provider network. Your provider network will not be managed by corporations that are only interested in the bottom line.

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