The C-PAC represents the interests of all of Maryland’s Chiropractors, CAs and chiropractic patients. 

The C-PAC provides opportunities for legislators to get to know who we are. By attending legislators’ fundraisers we become familiar to the policy makers that can have a great influence on our practices. The C-PAC is non-partisan, so your participation is welcome regardless of your party preference. If you are interested in attending some political fundraising events, and being an ambassador for chiropractic, please contact Neil Cohen, DC at [email protected].

 Many Maryland Chiropractors do not support the PAC or the MCA. If you are receiving the benefits without supporting the association or the PAC, please reconsider. The PAC often has invitations to events that we support but cannot attend due to geography or scheduling conflicts.  YOU may be able to help! If you are interested in attending some of these events, and working to protect your scope of practice, please contact Neil at [email protected].

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MCA C-PAC Contribution Levels:

President $1000+
Governor $500-$999
Senator $365-$499
Delegate $100-$364
Member $25-$99

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